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Whether you're a business or a private user, whatever classification of lubricants you require, you need a product that meets your whole spectrum of needs. Not just the need to save fuel, or the need for more protection and less engine wear; but also, the need to protect the environment. We innovate to meet all of these requirements.


Driven by our dedication to innovate, our Research Department has three major International Research facilities: two in France and one in Mumbai, India.

Our Role

We are continuously devising and developing new product ranges, while remaining vigilant to counter all the possible obstacles that might affect the ongoing and future developments. Total is committed in exploring new disruptive research areas that might one day give way to discoveries and improvements that are revolutionary.

Our Resources

We have gathered a pool of skilled experts from various fields, from formulation to engine technology. Our skilled team is comprised of analytic chemists and mechanical engineers, including members from diverse fields such as mathematics and statistics. We also recruit highly skilled individuals from support fields such as scientific computing.
Our analytical facilities run sophisticated testing processes such as plasma assay, nuclear magnetic resonance and analysis by X-ray fluorescence, among many others.

Our Drivers

Our drivers make sure that the engines pollute less and consume lesser. They are committed to meet the needs of our customers, whilst working to comply with the various regulations applicable to our products.

Protecting the Environment

By continually monitoring the environmental impact of all our products and improving all aspects from manufacturing to performance, we contribute our bit to protect the environment from waste and pollution.