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How comfortable do we feel in our cars? Don't we all consider it to be our mini space of comfort where we can find anything we need just a few steps away? 

Well, don't let this idea take you too far. Your car is not your home! You can't carry around everything you wish, and take them everywhere you go. 

That being said, some items might be normal and harmless, while some are likely to trigger issues if stored in the car for a prolonged period of time. They might not do well in high temperatures, or even they might draw thieves into car break-ins.

Read on and get to know the top 9 things you should never leave in your car. 

1. Electronics & Batteries

leaving electronics & batteries in your car would impact their efficiency & mechanism


You would never leave your home without having the smartphone, laptop, your portable charger, or any other electronic device & extra batteries with you, so why risk leaving them behind in your car?

Hiding them might trick the thieves, but it might lead to heat damage! 

Many electronic & battery manufacturers warn against exposing them for a prolonged period of time to high temperatures, as it reduces the capacity, and impacts the efficiency & the mechanism of most of your devices & batteries! It will leave you with expensive repair bills!

And remember, when packing your emergency car kit, add the phone, laptop, or any other electronic device charging cable rather than the portable & external battery pack!

2. Bags & Purses

When leaving your gym bag behind or forgetting your handbag visible in your vehicle, you are just leaving a break-in invite for the thieves!  

Losing the money, credit cards, IDs, and such important documents can make a big mess, can you imagine the time and cost it will take you to replace them? 

And to top that off, the amount of information the thief can get that would be used or even be sold to criminals for identity fraud and theft! This little mistake could be really costly!

3. Medications

Your car is not the ideal place to store your medications


Many medicines need to be stored at room temperature, and that is not applicable in cars, especially the glove compartment, where it rarely has a stable temperature when parked and when in use. 

High humidity and temperatures can decrease the medicine's effectiveness and might cause a life threatening situation. 

4. Foods & Drinks

Transporting the groceries from the supermarket to your home is tricky, especially during the hot summer months! On hot days, the truck becomes like an oven, as its inside temperature will reach double the exterior weather temperature!

Leaving foods such as candies & ice cream will melt and cause a mess in your car! 

Not only might it damage your car, but some foods and drinks are recommended to be transported to your fridge within an hour or two to prevent the bacteria from multiplying which leads to food-borne illnesses!

5. Plastic Water Bottles

avoid leaving your plastic water bottle in your car to prevent bacterial & chemical poisoning


We all keep that bottle of water in the car and mostly forget about it. You should know that leaving this bottle of water for a long time is harmful to your health! 

Studies have proved that high temperatures cause bacteria to grow around the opening of the bottle that you drink from again and again. Also, some chemical components of the plastic can be leached into the water itself, leaving you with dangerous health risks like cancer and heart disease! 

Additionally, did you know that leaving that water bottle behind could start a fire? A clear plastic water bottle can magnify the sun’s rays enough to ignite a flame.

6. Lighters

Keeping a lighter all the time is essential if you're a smoker. However, as tiny as they can be, they can be a real danger when overheated! 

When these little plastic cylinders get exposed to heat, flammable fuel will expand and break, causing a fire hazard. So why take the risk?

As a general rule of thumb, avoid leaving flammable liquids in your car, especially during the high summer temperature months!

7. Makeup

Remember not to leave your beauty & makeup kit in your car


All ladies like to keep an emergency beauty kit close by for midday touch ups, a quick dinner outgoing, or to simply keep looking best at all times. But keeping these costly products in the car for a long time might cause them to melt, a color change, or even chemical skin harm! 

Avoid leaving those costly products in your car, especially during hot weather, and simply start carrying them with you for your own protection.

8. Sunscreen

As important as sunscreen is to protect your skin during summer, and is always advised to carry some when you travel, it is equally important NOT to leave any in your car, especially during those hot summer days!

Getting a shortened shelf life and losing its effectiveness are some of the downsides of exposing the sunscreen to high temperatures, which also might harm your skin. 

9. Glasses

if left on the dashboard during the hot days, your glasses might act as a magnifying glass that starts flame


Make use of that little glass compartment in your car while driving, but remember to carry the glasses with you when reaching your destination!

Exposing your glasses or sunglasses for a prolonged period of time to high temperatures might leave the plastic and metal frames too hot to wear. 

Don't also think about leaving them on the dashboard because they will be exposed to excessive heat that is attracted by the windshield that acts as a magnifying glass, and eventually might start a flame.